Brunswick United Lodge - 924
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7:15 PM19:15

Lodge Rehearsal

All Lodge Officers and:

  • Retrospect WBro Robert Malcolm
  • Raising RWBro Bob Found PJGW
  • Ecclesiastes Bro Paul O’Dea
  • Secrets WBro Mike Rich PGStdB
  • Badge VWBro Bob Malcolm PGIW
  • Added Remarks WBro Don Wilkin PGStdB
  • Traditional History Bro Tom Ioannou
  • Working Tools VWBro Bob Malcolm PGIW
  • Final WBro Garry Beckett PGStdB
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7:15 PM19:15

Lodge - Obligate Master elect

Meeting Agenda


  1. Minutes and Correspondence
  2. Treasurer's Report
  3. General Business
  4. Motion to Increase Annual Fees
  5. Ballot for Initiation (Mr Tim Wisdom and Mr Paul Aquilina)
  6. Receive Visitors (Including) - Official Visit from Lord Somers Australian Royal Arch Chapter No 1 - Supreme Grand Chapter Demonstration Team
  7. Obligate Master -elect
  8. 1st Rising ♦ GL Correspondence
  9. Second Rising: ♦ Schedules and Reports
  10. Third Rising - Close the Lodge
  11. Conduct the RAC Pathway Ceremony (MM only - No EA or FC) 
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7:00 PM19:00

Past Masters Meeting

Past Masters,

Your presence at a Past Master's meeting to be held at the Brunswick Masonic centre at 7pm Tuesday 11th August is requested. The purpose of the meeting is to receive the report of the Lodge's Grand Lodge Rank Review Committee on the three applications - two for promotion and one for conferral - submitted to the Committee for review and recommendation.


Nick LeRay-Meyer

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