Brunswick United Lodge - 924

Lodge History

Brunswick United Lodge 924 was formed on 22nd July 2002 with the merging of: 

Duke of Brunswick United Lodge No 132 (consecrated May 7th 1988);

following earlier amalgamations of Duke of Brunswick No 132 (1889), Moreland Temperance No 244 (1918) & City of Brunswick No 310 (1922) 

Lodge of Equality No 423 (consecrated April 4th 1927)


The Bi Centennial Lodge No 457 (consecrated June 17th 1989);

following earlier amalgamations of Centenary Lodge No 505 (1934), South Brunswick No 484 (1930), West Brunswick No 457 (1929)

Brunswick United Lodge 924 was consecrated on July 27th 2002 by the Grand Master MWBro John R Wilson. At the time of consecration the Lodge had a total of 138 members.

The first Worshipful Master of Brunswick United Lodge No 924 was Worshipful Brother Frank Raymond WILEY.


Subsequent Worshipful Masters (all installed in July):

2003 WBro W.A.G Groves

2004 WBro Rochefort

2005 WBro W.G. Schoof

2006 WBro Bassam Saoud

2007 WBro Charles Doumany

2008 WBro Bassam Saoud

2009 WBro Bassam Saoud

2010 WBro N. LeRay-Meyer AM

2011 VWBro R.L. Found PGIWkgs

2012 WBro N. LeRay-Meyer AM

2013 WBro Graeme J D Hay