Brunswick United Lodge - 924

Lodge Organists for Northern District Lodges Needed

Added on by Sam Sala.

Dear Brethren

Music is as important to our Ceremonies as Ritual.

Is it because of this I am asking you to please have a search within your own Lodge and amongst your Members to see if there are any Brethren who can play a musical instrument of any type.

Organists are our primary concern as we have a very small band of hard working Organists within the District, who are not getting any younger.

If there is any Brother within the District that can play an instrument or more especially a keyboard and would like to assist and have some training to become a lodge Organist we need their help now.

This is a problem that is here with us now. Not in 5 years but NOW.

Please let me know if you have a Brother who can help.


Ross Broad P.M.

District Co-Ordinator ND116

P O Box 6190 VERMONT SOUTH 3133  

Mobile: 0418342840