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Certificate of Masonic Studies – Venue and Course dates for 2016

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The Victorian Lodge of Research
Certificate of Masonic Studies – Venue and Course dates for 2016


The Certificate of Masonic Studies is conducted by the Victorian Lodge of Research as an extension to the Masonic Advancement Programme and is open to all Victorian Freemasons who have completed the third degree in Freemasonry.



  • To provide a solid grounding in, and understanding of, the basic history of our Freemasonry
  • To facilitate the opportunity for participants to arrive at an informed opinion based on source materials, regarding the origins and development of Freemasonry
  • To assist in establishing a greater understanding of the Philosophy, Tenets and Principles of Freemasonry


Certificate of Masonic Studies courses are planned to commence in February/March 2016 and will be conducted at the following Masonic Centres, depending on the number of interested Master Masons.

  • Ivalda Masonic Centre, Salisbury Ave., Darebin
  • Brunswick Masonic Centre, 6 Davies Street, Brunswick
  • Mount Waverley Masonic Centre, 318‐322 Stephensons Road, Mt Waverley
  • South Eastern Masonic Centre, Hutton Rd, Keysborough


  • Baxter MC Corner Stotts Lane & Baxter Tooradin Road Baxter


COURSE LIMITS ‐ Each course will be limited to nine participants
COURSE FEES ‐ The course fees are $80.00 which covers all class materials


The course consists of 8 Modules, 4 modules on the history of Freemasonry and 4 modules covering the philosophy, tenets, principles and aims of Freemasonry. For each Module participants are required to attend a monthly group discussion, and submit an essay of at least 500 words on the material discussed.


  • Adequate pre‐reading as preparation for the monthly discussion
  • Degree of participation in the monthly discussions
  • Written 500 word essay (min) for each Module

If interested e‐mail the course co‐ordinator at or