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Brought to Light Podcast

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Brought to Light is a the Southern Hemispheres first masonic podcast created for the purpose of bringing young men and masons to light through discussions and research papers about Australian Freemasonry and the Victorian jurisdiction in particular. 

The latest episode of the podcast titled The Trowel published on 14th July 2016 can be heard by clicking play in this post (if you are reading this from your email you will need to click the option to read in browser below).

To listen to earlier episodes or subscribe to the podcast please visit the podcast website at 

Episode Three of the Brought to Light Masonic Podcast is a discussion about the “Trowel” as a Masonic symbol and why it no longer plays a role in the ritual and teaching of the Victorian Constitution. Host Bro Jack Aquilina is joined by a new host Bro Brendan McCallum MM. Bro Jack and Bro Brendan speak with a very special guest WBro Alan Richmond who provides his insight into why the trowel was removed from our ritual and the case for bringing it back. Also in this episode listen to a reading by WBro Alan Richmond of a poem he remastered on the Trowel and a reading by Bro Brendan McCallum of a paper entitled “The Trowel” as featured in The Builder Masonic Journal in 1916 by  Bro Rabbi Eugene Mannheim of Iowa.