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Brought To Light Podcast Episodes 4 & 5

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Episode 4 of the Brought to Light Masonic Podcast is entitled “The First Degree”. Join Brother Jack Aquilina and Bro James Mann who talk about some masonic news in Victoria for the Blue Lounge Social Club and the Brought to Light Masonic Podcast. Bro Jack Aquilina then interviews WBro James Tulk, District Education Officer for the Northern District; about the first degree including some of the themes, lessons and expectations candidates can take away from the first degree. Bro Jack Aquilina then presents a reading about the first degree from the “Sons of Light” Masonic Publication of the Victorian Lodge of Research. For additional details visit


Join Hosts Bro Jack Aquilina and Bro Steve Austin as they discuss their experiences in the Craft and the Second Degree. WBro James Tulk is back where he joins Bro Jack Aquilina in a discussion about the themes, lessons and principles of the Second Degree, the Fellow Craft. Also enjoy a reading by Bro Lucas Crandles about the Second Degree from the Sons of Light Booklet as produced by the Victorian Lodge of Research No 218 (all rights reserved). For additional details visit