Brunswick United Lodge - 924


Added on by Sam Sala.

Dear Brethern,

I bring good news of 3 upcoming events in our District.

The first event will occur on October 24 at the Greensborough Masonic Centre (7pm start) and is a presentation by Grand Lodge of the major changes in the separation of the Grand Secretary and CEO roles and the numerous Constitutional Rules that we will be voting on at the December Communications of Grand Lodge. This is your Members opportunity to ask questions directly to Grand Lodge and should be taken up by all concerned.

The second event is the live-streaming of the December Communications of Grand Lodge to be held at the Greensborough Masonic Centre on December 14 with registrations starting at 7pm. With the major Constitutional Rule changes to be voted on, I expect a larger turnout than the first live-streaming event held on September 21. I will say this, if you do not turn up and vote in December as is your Masonic privilege, then you will have missed your opportunity to have your say on the matter. I am pushing that all Communications are live-streamed there with a rotational Greensborough Lodge hosting the event with me, so let’s get our number up and show that we are the dominant District.

The third event is the District Trivia Night to be held at the Greensborough Masonic Centre on Saturday March 18 at 7pm. The Flyer for the event is attached and the Raffle tickets will be on sale within the next few weeks. We have 1,000 tickets at $5 each or 5 tickets for $20 if purchased in one transaction. The Enlighteners Masters Group have agreed to assist in the selling of the tickets. 1st Prize is $1,000, 2nd Prize is $200 and 3rd Prize is $100. The profit will be donated to the winner of the Trivia Night to boost their winnings and thus apply to the Freemasons Foundation for an even larger Grant.

Brethren, this is after all your District and it is up to each of you to support me in these events if you so choose to support them.

Warmest regards,
WBro. Eric Williams WM
District Co-ordinator ND116.
Master of The Lord Northcote Lodge No. 191.
Proud Member of the Enlighteners Master Group.