Brunswick United Lodge - 924

Ivanhoe Grammarians Whisky Tasting Night

Added on by Sam Sala.

The details are as follows:

  • Meeting will Tyle at 7:30pm as usual.
  • Will open to the third after taking care of some Lodge business including the confirmation of the nomination of Bro. Simon Browning MM, as the next Master of Ivanhoe Grammarians Lodge.
  • Closing from the third will be the short version.
  • hope to retire to the South well before 8:20pm.
  • There will be a very good selection of International and Australian (Tasmania) Whiskies which all attending Brethren are invited to sample. Presentation on the source of the Whiskies will be presented by Brethren of IGL supported by the expert staff from Dan Murphy’s Cellars. Dan Murphy staff will select and recommend the whiskies and assist our Brethren in presenting them.
  • The usual hospitality in the South is offered to all visiting and attending Guests, W.Brethren and Brethren at no cost. wonderful caterer.
  • For those Brethren who wish to partake of the Whisky Tasting, a very conservative charge of $20 per head will be charged. W.Bro Graeme Hawke will be more than happy to receive your $20 subscription to the Whisky Tasting before we Tyle.
  • Those teetotaller or designated driver Brethren who do not wish to partake of the Whiskies are under no compulsion to contribute to the Whisky Tasting costs. But, hopefully will enjoy the descriptions and explanations of the origins and source of the whiskies being presented.

All Masters of the Enlighteners Group are also welcome to help celebrate the Worshipful Master's last Night as Master of Ivanhoe Grammarians Lodge and enjoy what will be great night of Brotherhood.

Yours fraternally,

W.Bro. Stephen Carpenter,
Worshipful Master,
Ivanhoe Grammarians Lodge - No. 584
Ph: 04 2376 2605