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Added on by Sam Sala.

Please accept this as your personal invitation to be part of the 2015 Grand Installation and associated events.

I encourage each and every Lodge to recommend attendance to the Grand Installation, to their new initiates, fellowcrafts and master masons. The pomp and ceremony in Victoria is considered world class and this will be the last time such a ceremony will be held at the Dallas Brooks Centre.

Come and see the 2014 Grand Team give their final performance as the Active Grand Team and then witness the 2015 Grand Team be invested. Of course if you are unable to attend in person, the ceremony will be streamed live to the internet.

Sue and I would love to see as many of you as possible at the Grand Banquet which will be held at the spectacular Plaza Ballroom. This venue will fill up quickly so please don’t wait until the last moment to book.

On Sunday we will all join together in a casual family picnic free of charge, so please come with your families and enjoy a relaxing afternoon. The commencement of my second term signals the conclusion of the 125th year of the United Grand Lodge of Victoria, so let’s launch the next 125 years with your participation and attendance at an exciting series of events. 


Grand Master
MWBro. Hillel Benedykt

From the Grand Master re. Grand Secretary & Manager Membership Services

Added on by Sam Sala.

After an exhaustive process sourcing interested and suitably qualified applicants via external and internal processes, plus an independent external assessment followed by final interviews with a selection panel, I am delighted to announce that Bruce Stockdale has been appointed as Manager Membership Services effective immediately. Over the next few weeks Bruce will spend part of his time in the office until he is able to assume his position full time. Bruce brings to the role great experience from a personal, professional and masonic perspective. His enthusiasm and passion for Freemasonry will bring renewed focus to one of the most important aspects of our Fraternity.

Advice has been received from Sharon Henshall that the Grand Secretary has undergone a triple bypass operation on Wednesday (24/9) and will be out of the office for approximately the next 8 weeks. We wish Peter a speedy and comprehensive recovery and send the greetings and best wishes of the entire Fraternity to Sharon and the Henshall family. The family has requested no contact be made until they advise us. I would suggest there is no point calling the Grand Secretariat for updates, these will be made available as and when the family let us know of any developments. Until Peter is in a position to resume his responsibilities as Grand Secretary, Bruce Stockdale will assume the role of Acting Grand Secretary.


Hillel Benedykt

Grand Master