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ANZMRC Visiting International Speaker

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Bro John Belton

English Fraternal Support for Garibaldi 1848-1870

Friday August 11th 2017 - 7:30pm

Dinner Bookings
p: 9803 0101
m: 0437 742 121

John Belton was initiated in a lodge in Derbyshire, in the Midlands of England, in 1980, and served as its Grand Master in 1991, and again in 2001, by which time he had become internationally known for his series of studies on Masonic Membership


John has developed a different niche in Masonic studies, which he describes as 'exploring those less traveled angles to history', mainly in the 19th and 20th centuries. these are exemplified by the paper offered on his tour, and his recent book The English Masonic Union of 1813, a tale Antient & Modern

Worshipful Master's End of Term Lunch

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A crowd of over 60 gathered at the Glenroy Bowling Club on Sunday 25 June to mark the end of the first term of Worshipful Brother Don Wilkin PGStdB as Worshipful Master ofBrunswick United No 924 and to welcome him as Master-elect for 2017/2018.

Very Worshipful Brother Philip Scharp PGIW, the Lodge's Director Ceremonies, acted as Master of Ceremonies, performing his duties with the polish we expect of him and thus ensured a smooth transition to the many activities on the agenda.  He did, however, appear to  have some difficulty with the difference between his afternoons and evenings; MC –“afternoons”, DC –“evenings”.

Listening to Don?

Listening to Don?

The usual delicious lunch (3 courses) was presented by the Wizards, Kevin and Marie and nobody should have  left unsatisfied or feeling the need for dinner.

Brother Don spoke about his first year in the Chair of King Solomon and thanked his Office Bearers for their support during the year.  He is looking forward to his next 12 months in the chair and the challenges that lay ahead.

Ceremonially, 2016-2017 has been 'full on' for the Master and his Team, with a Degree ceremony at every meeting.  Even the traditional 'night off' in December was a Degree ceremony.  However, relief is in sight - there may be at least one 'free night' in 2017-2018 (but no promises!!!).

Don with wife Lorraine by his side addressing the luncheon attendees

Don with wife Lorraine by his side addressing the luncheon attendees

A highlight of the afternoon was the entertainment provided by two 'unknowns' playing string instruments.  Additionally, there was a traditional bush yarn, raffle prizes including baskets of fruit and vegetables for good health, door prizes, surprise presents and other activities to round out the day.  One of the winners was Worshipful Brother Bill Schoof and wife Val; they left with a large roast leg of lamb in a “tucker bag” courtesy of Brother Tom Ioannou.

Paul O'Dea demonstrating some of his (previously hidden) talent with the banjo along with story telling that 'wowed' the audience

Paul O'Dea demonstrating some of his (previously hidden) talent with the banjo along with story telling that 'wowed' the audience

But perhaps the star of the day was Makayla Scharp.  Makayla (just 10 years of age but growing up fast)  gave a professional performance on the violin and enthralled the audience (especially proud grandparents and parents) with 3 beautiful tunes from her extensive repertoire.  She had all of the “Matildas” waltzing in their chairs with the last one.



Philip also took the opportunity to speak to all brothers present about the men’s health checklist; provided by Grand Lodge at the last Brunswick United Lodge meeting.  He reiterated the key elements listed and some of us are already receiving assistance from our partners with some elements!

A special thanks to the behind-the-scenes crew (Mike, Val, Colin, Yvonne, Don and Lorraine) who helped set up, purchased prizes, handled the finances to ensure we all had a great day!.

Ivanhoe Grammarians Whisky Tasting Night

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The details are as follows:

  • Meeting will Tyle at 7:30pm as usual.
  • Will open to the third after taking care of some Lodge business including the confirmation of the nomination of Bro. Simon Browning MM, as the next Master of Ivanhoe Grammarians Lodge.
  • Closing from the third will be the short version.
  • hope to retire to the South well before 8:20pm.
  • There will be a very good selection of International and Australian (Tasmania) Whiskies which all attending Brethren are invited to sample. Presentation on the source of the Whiskies will be presented by Brethren of IGL supported by the expert staff from Dan Murphy’s Cellars. Dan Murphy staff will select and recommend the whiskies and assist our Brethren in presenting them.
  • The usual hospitality in the South is offered to all visiting and attending Guests, W.Brethren and Brethren at no cost. wonderful caterer.
  • For those Brethren who wish to partake of the Whisky Tasting, a very conservative charge of $20 per head will be charged. W.Bro Graeme Hawke will be more than happy to receive your $20 subscription to the Whisky Tasting before we Tyle.
  • Those teetotaller or designated driver Brethren who do not wish to partake of the Whiskies are under no compulsion to contribute to the Whisky Tasting costs. But, hopefully will enjoy the descriptions and explanations of the origins and source of the whiskies being presented.

All Masters of the Enlighteners Group are also welcome to help celebrate the Worshipful Master's last Night as Master of Ivanhoe Grammarians Lodge and enjoy what will be great night of Brotherhood.

Yours fraternally,

W.Bro. Stephen Carpenter,
Worshipful Master,
Ivanhoe Grammarians Lodge - No. 584
Ph: 04 2376 2605

Fairfield Lodge Notice Paper & Luncheon

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You are cordially invited to join the Master and brethren of Fairfield Lodge for lunch and an afternoon of music.

Date: Sunday 28 May 2017

Timings: 12.00 PM for 12.30 PM (music starts at 1.30)

Venue: The Greensborough Hotel (wheelchair access available)

Location: 75 Main St, Greensborough VIC 3088

RSVP: Bro Shane Rogers on either 0438 740 111 or

Sunbury Lodge 854 Notice for July 2016

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Dear Brethren,

Please find attached two Notices for Brethren, Family and Friends, for upcoming events of the Sunbury Lodge. In particular the non ceremonial night is a great chance to bring along perspective members for a perspective of what Freemasonry does and who is in it. It will be a fun and informative night, and if there are sufficient perspective brethren in attendance we will change the program to include a little about what freemasonry is and why they might consider joining.
Please feel free to pass this on to others who might think have an interest in genealogy.

Yours Fraternally
Neil Addison
Sunbury Lodge 854.